Lost ecosystems

A great loss of ecosystems like wetlands, mangroves and coral reefs has been experienced within the last decades. At the same time it is acknowledged that they deliver valuable ecosystem services, such as water purification and storage, carbon sequestration and coastal defense.

Solid 3D structure

Solid 3D structure for habitat improvement: BESE-elements®

Restoration of such ecosystems requires artificial structures as starting point. In search of such structures for the recovery of mussel beds, ENEXIO Water Technologies, Bureau Waardenburg and Rodenburg Biopolymers partnered to find an environmentally friendly solution:
A biodegradable three-dimensional solid grid, the BESE-elements® (Biodegradable Elements for Starting Ecosystems) was developed.

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Developers & Partners

Features/Advantages of BESE-elements®

Made of starch from potato waste the BESE-elements® degrade under environmental influences and do not need composting agents or specific temperatures.

  • Environmental-friendly and sustainable material
  • Side stream potato starch
  • Renewable raw materials
  • Carbon neutral, non-toxic product
  • Biodegradable and digestible

Potential use